a new world

img_0707imagine a world without the technology we have today.  What would we do in our free time since our faces aren’t shoved up in our phones?  Would we revert back to our old habits of going outside and having fun with our friends

photo by student



this is my last blog post ever and i’m so happy about it, but i’m even happier that we’re about to be seniorsssss!!!!!


2018, is the biggest year of our high school career. This is the year we graduate. It is so hard to believe that it’s going to be the last year we spend with all of our friends that we’ve been going to school with since kindergarten. Senior year is the year for everyone to make the most of it.

social media

In the world today, no one is safe with social media. No matter what you do or post something will always find a way to put others down and it doesn’t matter if you tell someone not to bully others, they’ll still do what they want. It doesn’t matter to them nothing can change their mindset.


Kenton Ridge

Kenton Ridge is the home of the cougars located in springfield, Ohio aka the death of me. The school is small, but it is filled with so many diverse types of people. It is like any normal high school and it contains all the common cliques that there are in other normal high schools, but you only have 4 years to spend in this place and even though that might seem like a long time it goes by super fast. So, just make the most of your high school experience.


For my friends sake, do not come into subway tonight or if you do just make sure it’s before 5 because she doesn’t want to work tonight 🙂

spring break

With spring break being so close, i am getting super excited even though i never leave ohio because i play softball and i cant miss the practices or games or anything. Im mostly just looking forward to all the time off from school and being stress free for a week.

12 years a slave

Honestly, this book has caused me nothing but stress. Im not even focused on what is happening in the story because im too worried about my grade and trying to get a good grade on all these questions and assignments that i have to do.